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Journal Articles:

(Peer-reviewed articles)

  • “The ‘Third Arrow’ or Friendly Fire? The LDP Government’s Reform Plan for the Japanese Agricultural Co-op,” in Japanese Political Economy, Vol. 41 No. 1-2, 2015, pp.1-22.
  • “Alternative Paths to Party Polarization: External Impacts of Intraparty Organization in Japan” coauthored with N. Fujimura and S. Machidori in Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol. 13, No. 3, December 2013, pp.409-441.
  • “The Impact of Rural Votes in Foreign Policies: The FTA Policies under the DPJ government in Japan” in Asian Journal of Political Science, Vol.21, No. 3, December 2013, pp.224-248.
  • 「統制会・業界団体制度の発展過程 ― 経路依存とアイディア」 [Institutional Evolution of Industrial Associations in Japan: Path Dependency and Ideas]”『レヴァイアサン』 Vol. 48, Spring 2011, pp.131-149.
  • “The Electoral Origin of Japan’s Nationalistic Leadership: Primaries in the LDP Presidential Election and the Pull-Effect” in Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol.10, No.1, January 2010, pp.1-30.
  • “Japan’s New Agricultural Trade Policy and Electoral Reform: ‘Agricultural Policy in an Offensive Posture [seme no nōsei],’” in Japanese Journal of Political Science, Vol. 9. No. 2, August 2008, pp. 121-144.

(Other articles)

  • “Youth and Nationalism in Japan,” in The SAIS Review, Vol. 26, No. 2. Summer- Fall 2006, pp. 109-122.
  • 「国際政治におけるNGO活動の影響と問題点」 [NGOs in International Politics: Their Influences and Problems], coauthored with A. Kajiwara,『国民経済雑誌』Vol. 191, No. 5. 2005, pp.37-48.
  • 「森林認証制度とグローバリズム」 [Globalization and Forest Certification System], coauthored with A. Kajiwara,『国民経済雑誌』Vol. 188, No. 5. 2003, pp. 51-61.

Edited volume chapters:

  • 「民主党政権における日本のFTA政策」 [Japan’s FTA Policies under the DPJ Government] in K. Nakatsuji (ed.) 『なぜリージョナリズムなのか』(ナカニシヤ出版, 2013), pp.215-241.
  • 「港湾における経済援助と技術供与」[Economic Cooperation and Technology Transfer in Ports and Harbors Industry], Kagawa et al. (eds.)『経済社会と港湾』 (パールロード, 2004), pp.83-96.
  • 「運輸問題における国際協力の形態と相対的利得」[International Cooperation and Relative Gain in Transportation Issues] in 『交通と文化の史的融合』Mitsumura et. al (eds.), (八千代出版 2002), pp. 161–180.

Book translation (English to Japanese)

  • 『通産省と日本の奇跡 — 産業政策の発展 1925-1975』[MITI and the Japanese Miracle], by C. Johnson (勁草書房, 2018).
  • 『日本における市民社会の二重構造 — 政策提言なきメンバー達』 [Japan’s Dual Civil Society: Members without Advocacy], by R. Pekkanen, (木鐸社, 2008).

Book reviews:

  • Review of Institutions, Incentives, and Electoral Participation in Japan, by Y. Horiuchi (2005) in Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol.7, No.3, (December 2007), pp.506-508.
  • Review of Japan Remodeled: How Government and Industry are Reforming Japanese Capitalism, by S. Vogel (2005) in Governance, Vol. 20, No.4, (October 2007), pp.713-715.